We recognise the work that RIBA are undertaking to raise the profile of sustainable architecture and their aim to deliver more environmentally efficient buildings. We also recognise that the delivery of such projects is often fraught with challenges with no individual design team member necessarily having all the answers.

We work with all disciplines to deliver better client outcomes. Benchmarking, quality assurance, and stakeholder engagement are all important pieces of the jigsaw. We add value to your existing approach by bringing independent expertise to the table. Our proposed solutions are only ever those which are the best choice for your clients.

RIBA and Client Design Advisers
We have contributed, through our inclusion on the RIBA Client Advisers Register, to the development of a client-focused Sustainability Briefing Document.

BREEAM Professionals
We are experienced BREEAM professionals with many years of experience on projects across all sectors.

Microgeneration Certificate Scheme Accredited
We are MCS approved renewable energy technology professionals.