Environmental Alliance – sustainability in Partnership.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Environmental Alliance.

Faced with a market trying to get to grips with a business-changing escalation in energy prices, EDGE deemed the support required by many business to be lacking in individual focus.

The Environmental Alliance has brought together a group of likeminded and environmentally focused organisations that, in a non-competitive, mutually supportive environment meet to share experience, advice / good practice, provide partnering support and strengthen the quality of business support by combining services.

The Alliance’s focus is to foster environmental  knowledge and capacity across a range of issues relating to sustainability and a better understanding of the complexity of the market through collaboration and partnership working. 

We are delighted to have attracted a number of key professionals from local authorities, higher education and business support strategists facilitate collaboration and to develop creative environmental solutions.

In a turnaround from traditional service support, The Alliance will respond to requests for assistance from companies and organisations rather than adopting a restrictive one-size-fits-all approach.

John Pickup, Director of EDGE Efficiency said, ‘Every business is different, so why should we expect solutions to naturally fall into pre-specified categories…it is pretty obvious they don’t.  The Environmental Alliance will avoid the presumption that certain business types require certain solutions.  The Environmental Alliance is ground breaking and liberating in equal measure as its focus will be to find bespoke environmental solutions by inviting business to air their concerns and working in partnership with them. 

The environmental market place is nowhere near as mature as it needs to be to address these growing and often complex energy concerns.  Thinking that one person has all the answers is a fallacy and we are convinced that the simple questions are often overlooked when it comes to providing mature and long-lasting environmental solutions; ironically, to be big and grown up you have to be more child-like in approach’.

There will be much more to come as The Environmental Alliance grows..

 John N. Pickup B(Arch), RIBA, ARB

RIBA Client Design Adviser

Director EDGE Efficiency and MAD Yorkshire’s Environmental Solutions Expert