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We provide integrated architectural design, environmental and engineering services, focused on improving performance and reducing costs.

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By increasing energy efficiency, we reduce your CO2 emissions, improve conditions within your buildings and lower running costs.

We solve problems and provide independent expert advice.

  • Our energy efficiency services are based on a detailed assessment of your buildings and systems, and also understanding your business to establish priorities for improvement.

  • Our experts design and implement a tailored improvement project specified to fit in with your operations and organisational objectives.

  • Our ethos is passive design and fabric first – designing out energy demand where possible, and reducing running costs.

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7-Step Process

As with all investments, appropriate planning is essential.  Second to salaries, energy is often the biggest business cost, and improvements to building and operational improvements will also benefit from a systematic approach. EDGE offer full support to each individual business and we will guide you through the process in a manner that is entirely specific to your needs.

7-Step Process

We will work with you to establish a simple and transparent plan that will be based on what you want to achieve not what we want to. A final evaluation exercise, often overlooked in favour of quick wins by many sales-based businesses, will ensure that what we do collectively achieves what it should.

Core services

Sustainable Design

New-build commercial and residential projects, relocations, extensions and refurbishments. We embed sustainability from the initial brief to improve on energy and environmental efficiencies.

Brief development

Working with clients from day 1 to ensure the project brief tightly specifies robust environmental performance across all elements of the design.

Design development

Options appraisal and early feasibility studies to identify, quantify and implement sustainable design elements from the earliest stages.

Efficiency review

Developing alternative design options for new builds or refurbishments, focusing on optimising whole life materials, energy and carbon performance.

Thermal Performance

We undertake a comprehensive survey of your existing buildings and systems, including detailed thermographic analysis, to identify cost effective ways to save you energy and money.

Review of site and buildings

An ‘Energy MOT’ to assess current energy performance of your building fabric and energy consuming systems, to develop a fully costed improvement plan.

Energy audit

Energy procurement and consumption analysis considering and carbon, whole life costs, and payback periods for existing equipment and investment options.

Condition surveys

Detailed assessment of boilers and other heat-generating plant, identifying costed improvement priorities.

HVAC Control

Improving HVAC control is critical to reducing consumption. Controlled systems use less energy, saving money, improving conditions and reducing emissions.

HVAC performance appraisal

Systematic analysis of current Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment, setting out a detailed plan for proposed upgrades to HVAC systems control.

Smart controls

Implement smart start, weather compensation and remote access technologies to improve your control and reduce costs.

Energy management

Monitoring and target setting systems to ensure you are in full control of all relevant consumption data across your organisation.

Heating Systems

We specify and install effective heating systems and deliver performance improvements to existing systems. Our clients benefit from excellent payback rates.

Work with what you have

New equipment isn’t always the answer. We provide Quick Win ideas to improve control and enhance the efficiency of existing equipment – from heating system performance optimisation to process automation.

Improved efficiencies

Our assessments will identify and quantify the most cost-effective improvements to all aspects of your heating systems.

Appropriate upgrades

Where your existing systems are coming to the end of their life, we will work with you to assess options and specify the most efficient replacement technologies.

Low Carbon Tech

Assessing the best option to implement low-carbon energy sources on-site, including solar PV, air-source heat pumps, biomass and battery storage solutions.

Feasibility studies

Low/zero carbon studies to assess the best options for your site – solar photovoltaics, heat pumps, biomass, wind – plus storage and connection options.

System specification

We specify and cost the best performing low carbon technology systems to inform your investment strategies.

Professional installations

Our network of approved installers deliver professional, guaranteed installations, designed to maximise output and minimise disruption.

Expert Advice

We are independent, trusted advisers not tied to specific manufacturers or products. Our recommendations will only ever be what works best for our clients.

Proudly independent

Our recommendations will only ever be what works best for our clients. Our reputation relies on it.

Project programming

Scheduling interventions and improvement works to ensure minimal disruption and maximum benefit.

Support across all project phases

We interface with all project team members to deliver effective compliance reporting, change management and progress analysis.

What our clients say about us

We work with many different organisations – from micro-breweries and paper manufacturing companies to educational charities and larger, multi-site businesses.

“Through their proactive engagement with companies in all sectors, John and Andy have helped deliver substantial energy improvements and cost savings for businesses across the region. Their input could do the same for you.”

Miranda Barker
Chief Executive
Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

Miranda Barker, Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

“I contacted Will at Edge Efficiency to design a hybrid heating and hot water system for a new building. The design works fantastically well and I have already commissioned another larger system for a new build residence and annex.”

Steve Warburton
Managing Director
VBS Construction Ltd

Steve Warburton

Chamber Low Carbon Programme

The Chamber Low Carbon Programme is an environmental initiative aimed at supporting companies within Lancashire to save money, reduce carbon footprint and ultimately improve energy efficiencies across the business. This £6m European Union, European Regional Development Fund, part funded programme provides businesses with access to 1-2-1 support, best practice events and advanced business support.

If you are interested in your business taking part in the programme, just get in touch and we can answer your questions and take you through the sign up process.

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