What is a Remote Environmental Review?

Improving your organisation’s energy efficiency will reduce your running costs as well as your carbon footprint.  To be truly effective, environmental improvements have to be site- specific , and based on your priorities, whether these be environmental, ethical or to improve your bottom line.

As restrictions arising from the current COVID-19 situation start to be lifted, the intervening time has lead EDGE to develop a remote assessment service – one which enables us to reduce your costs whilst still allowing you to benefit from a comprehensive survey of energy performance. The aim of the review is to deliver a detailed and costed Environmental Improvement Plan for your organisation, based on a remote appraisal of your site, buildings, HVAC plant and controls.

Why would I be interested?

  • Although you will be aware of rising energy prices, you may not have the time or resources to develop an effective environmental strategy.
  • The environmental sector is largely unregulated, and guidance is often confusing or conflicting.
  • Energy advice in particular is rarely impartial and is often product or manufacturer led.
  • Your costs will increase substantially if you don’t do something now.
  • Less disruption.
  • Collect information when it’s convenient to you.
  • You don’t need to be a technical specialist

It’s just another sales pitch and will no doubt lead to additional costs, it’s also probable too time-consuming.

Not at all, it’s actually very simple and easy.  A substantial amount of cost is associated with travel and time assessing a building.  If you have an hour spare – that’s you need to commit.

Our clients provide the following data, where possible:

12 months’ energy bills

General site photographs
– 2/3 general building photographs externally
– 2/3 general internal photographs
– Photographs of your heating and ventilation system components – boilers, radiators, high energy use equipment etc.

Simple building plans (if available).  If not quite often fire plans will suffice.

A simple description of what your business does and what you hope to achieve…and why!

What we will then do

We will assess the information provided and produce a report that highlights where improvements can be made quickly and effectively.  The report will include a cost range for each recommendation with associated carbon savings.  Once submitted, we would then work with you to decide on the best course of action and assist in the delivery of the project in as much detail as you require, whether this be a performance specification for direct tendering or calculation of costs for EDGE to deliver the improvements directly.

Cost: Get in touch and we can chat things through.  We can then carry out a quick desktop analysis and provide a direct quote for your review.

In terms of Health and Safety, you know your own business better than anyone so follow your own best practice and stay safe whilst obtaining the information.

When it comes to adopting a more considered approach to sustainability, reviewing what you have is a great start.

Embrace it – don’t Fight it!

From our base in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, Edge Efficiency help clients shift from a reactive to a proactive approach, embedding sustainability within the heart of their Business Plans so as to improve long-term resilience.  Embracing a targeted environmental strategy will often prove to be financially beneficial.  We work with clients to:

  • Elevate environmental importance and integrate it into your Business Plan
  • Start by improving existing equipment and maximising energy efficiency.
  • Integrate sustainability into planned changes.
  • Improve the value of their buildings.
  • Keep up to date. Understand what’s happening in the world of energy and which investments provide the best returns.
  • Develop Low Carbon Feasibility Studies to assess options before investment. Is a Heat Pump or Heat Recovery a better option in terms of payback?
  • Manage improvements through revenue as well as capital

It’s confusing – don’t be afraid to ask for help.  EDGE Efficiency can provide ongoing support through our Environmental Facilities Management (EFM) service.

We ensure that our clients don’t settle for generic solutions by:

  • Undertaking site-specific environmental analyses, covering energy, buildings and operations.
  • Optimise our recommendations to meet strategic business objectives – it has to fit with you, not us!

John N. Pickup B(Arch), RIBA, ARB, RIBA Client Design Adviser

Director EDGE Efficiency and MAD Yorkshire’s Environmental Solutions Expert